Oracle Cloud Integration

Why Is Mulesoft Better Than Oracle Cloud Integration? 

Mulesoft’s components, such as API Designer, Anypoint Studio, API Manager, Anypoint Exchange, Anypoint Connectors, Anypoint Monitoring, CloudHub, and more are quite useful for enterprises. Mulesoft is known as an integration platform for the development, management, and testing of APIs. In 2018, Salesforce acquired Mulesoft. It enables businesses to perfect connections among applications, data, and devices in cloud and on-premise environments. 

The platform is also used in creating iterative design and development through integration. In the past, point-to-point connection-based platforms like Oracle integration were the leaders; however, now Mulesoft has overtaken them. 

It works as a part of the Salesforce integration cloud, capturing approximately—42% of the market share of the Integrations Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) category. One of the top contenders for Mulesoft is Oracle Cloud Integration. 

Read this blog, which will help you choose the right integration platform. 

Why Oracle Cloud Integration Can Not Match With Mulesoft? 

  1. Oracle integration offers different flexibility and ROI, largely due to its dependency on point-to-point connections.
  2. Enterprise needs to have deep pockets for Oracle as costs rise substantially in case the number of applications increases: the more applications, the more requirements for connections in Oracle. 
  3. Oracle solutions have extensive components and unique solutions, making the process lengthy. 
  4. In some way, there are redundancy issues due to Oracle mandating users to work in a dual support system. In case of any problem, users struggle to get fast resolutions.

As it was a revolutionary product by Oracle, the above-mentioned solid reasons helped Mulesoft to pick up, and Oracle left behind. Organizations are starting to use it for unlocking data across cloud apps, devices and legacy systems. Mulesoft makes a way for smarter and faster decisions, bringing highly connected, iterative design and development.

Why Is Mulesoft The Best Integration Platform? 

API Based Approach

Mulesoft is based on an API approach, giving options to decouple systems, further enabling access to more bandwidth. Moreover, its reusable APIs assist developers with new ways to access legacy data sources, applications, and SaaS apps. This is one of the finest features of Mulesoft that increases productivity, speed, and agility. 

Fast, Easy, And Low Cost

Knowing “what is iterative designis not enough. Organizations need a cloud-based integration solution that can give the much needed flexibility. With Mulesoft, there is no need to have a dedicated server or database that, in turn, saves time & costs that go into procurement, installation, and configuration. 

MuleSoft’s plug-and-play solutions are super easy to install. You can get started with hiring a Mulesoft developer or by downloading Anypoint Studio Eclipse, a free app for starting with coding. 

Different Connection Offering 

Mulesoft’s numerous connection offerings come with a predefined template. So, all you’ve to do is select the source and target for data flow. 

Better ROI 

ROI, or return on investment, is critical to consider while selecting the right tool. Mulesoft allows reusable APIs, which means developers take less time in development. Moreover, the faster the development, the sooner you capture the market. And don’t forget to have an iterative design for your product as end-users love it. 

Iterative design, a cyclical design process, encompasses prototyping, testing, analyzing, and refining a product or process to rapidly develop a solution that meets user requirements.

No Need For Big Storage 

Due to cloud and API-led solutions, even the daily use laptop is good enough when using Mulesoft. Enterprise needs a developer and starts with this integration platform. 

Numerous User-Friendly Features 

Mulesoft consists of multiple components for smooth integration development. Some important components are 

  • Transformers
  • Filters
  • Message sources
  • Routers
  • Integrated transformers
  • Scopes
  • Message sources

Besides that, it has connectors to third-party use such as Twitter, MongoDB, Google Products, Facebook, and more. It is an open-source platform with a great help community. The Mulesoft website community is a source of tutorials, downloadable content, user guides, and more for anyone to use. 

Final Word 

Connectivity within and outside the enterprise ecosystem has become vital to stay ahead of competitors and reach greater heights especially as organizations started focusing on iterative designs. A powerful integration solution like Mulesoft ensures robust connectivity, enabling even third-party applications to run smoothly.

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