8 Business Building Upgrades You Should Consider

With the success rate for small businesses at just over 50% after five years, you need to do all you can to run an efficient operation. That means being attentive to the structural and aesthetic needs of your building. After all, the right building upgrades can spur a brighter future for your business.

Curious to learn more? Read on to learn about eight business building upgrades to consider!

1. New Flooring

When customers or workers step into your building, one of the first things they’ll notice is the flooring. If it’s faded, dated, or scuffed, it won’t make a strong impression. To make a better impression, it pays to upgrade your flooring. 

Aim to go with something durable and attractive. A vinyl plank, for instance, can mimic the look of wood but stand up to wear and tear better. You’ll create a more refined look for your office space.

Alternatively, you can go with new carpeting. Choose a color or pattern that doesn’t compete with the walls or furniture. A low-pile option will create a comfortable surface for anyone walking over it.

As another option, you can introduce carpet padding to your building. Rather than scrapping your existing carpet, introduce padding beneath it. This is a less expensive way to extend the life of your carpet and make it more comfortable. 

2. Fresh Paint

In a commercial building, fresh coats of paint can make a big difference. If you’re looking at drab walls or flaking paint, it’s time for an upgrade. This also can be one of the less expensive building updates if you’re trying to limit costs.

Fresh white walls will help brighten spaces that don’t get a lot of natural light. White walls also pair well with just about any other decorative elements you have.

You can add pops of color on accent walls that tie in with your brand colors. Or choose a neutral tone, like gray, to create a soft and soothing environment that welcomes people each day. 

3. Updated Electrical System

Another way to upgrade your building is by looking at the building’s internal systems. While doing this won’t impact your building’s aesthetic appeal, it will create a safer and more efficient building. 

Outdated electrical systems pose fire hazards. And they can result in higher utility bills since they’ll need more energy. 

You don’t want to deal with overloaded circuits that cause outages. And you don’t want to have outdated wiring or wiring that has been improperly updated. 

Be sure to work with a qualified electrician for any electrical updates. They’ll understand what it takes to bring a building up to current codes. And they’ll have the skill set to do updates properly. 

4. Sturdier Roof

Getting a new roof is another excellent way to update your building. Whether you’re in an older shop or a warehouse, a new roof can protect your investment. 

Sustainable roofs, for example, can help regulate temperatures within the building. Reflective materials on the roof can repel sunlight so the inside of your building doesn’t heat up as much in the summer. Similarly, roofs can help keep your building more insulated in the winter. 

Roofs also can help prevent leaks. When it storms, you don’t want cracks or peeling shingles to let water inside. At the very least, get your roof inspected annually. 

5. Eco-Friendly Modifications

With eco-friendly upgrades, you can create a business space that supports a healthier planet. This, in turn, can save you money. Small steps, like upgrading to LED lightbulbs or recycling more, can make a difference.

Bigger upgrades can include using more efficient HVAC equipment. You can choose new appliances, like refrigerators or washers, that use less power and water.

Other eco-friendly upgrades can include embracing solar energy. Solar energy, as a renewable energy source, can help save on utilities while reducing carbon dioxide. Look for efficient solar power solutions in Grand Rapids today!

6. New Doors

For a simple update that will have an impact, introduce new doors. Doors are the gateway to your building, and they’re one of the first things clients will see. 

You may want to replace doors that are dented or rusty. Consider choosing a replacement with windows or some aesthetic detailing to add more interest.

New doors also will improve your sense of security. With stronger bolts and new locks, you can trust that your workspace is safe when you’re not in it. 

7. Improved Storage 

As your business grows, you might be short on space. Leasing or buying a larger building can be an inconvenience-and inexpensive. Your better choice is to invest in improved storage options inside your existing building. 

Work with a contractor experienced in updating commercial buildings. They’ll have the expertise to help discover pockets of space where adding overhead storage or built-in cabinets makes sense. They may also guide you toward changing the interior footprint to free up more rooms for storage. 

Similarly, you may just need more space altogether. Ask your contractor about options to build upward. You may be able to add a new floor, attic-style space, or another creative solution. 

8. Better Lighting

Better lighting can make an office more pleasant for workers. It also can improve safety and make the exterior of a building look better.

Using widely dispersed lights can create a nicer environment within the building. Additionally, task lights can offer more focused light sources. This can make it easier for workers to see what they’re doing and stay engaged. 

Outside the building, wall lights can spotlight unique architectural details or serve as stunning accents. Lampposts along walkways can introduce charm and character that will impress clients if they come to the building. 

Floodlights are ideal for illuminating bigger spaces. Because of this, they can provide a better sense of safety for people entering and leaving the building at night. 

Make the Best Business Building Upgrades

The best business building upgrades can enhance your building’s appearance and efficiency. Choose energy-efficient internal systems and eco-friendly solar panels to outfit your building. And look into upgrading roofs, electrical systems, and storage.

Find more tips to strengthen your business right here. Check back soon for new articles!

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