Unsellable Houses Twins Net Worth

Unsellable Houses Twins Net Worth: A Complete Story

Let’s talk about Lyndsay and Leslie, the twin sisters from the TV show Unsellable Houses. They’re known for selling hard-to-sell houses at reasonable prices. They’re estimated to be worth $10 million. 

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We’ll share cool stuff about their lives, unsellable houses, twins’ net worth, and other exciting things. Stay tuned!

Unsellable Houses Twins Net Worth & Bio

Unsellable Houses Twins Net Worth
NameLyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis
Professional NameUnsellable Houses Twins
Place of BirthSnohomish, Washington, United States of America
Marital StatusMarried
Husband’s NameJustin Lamb and Jacob Davis
ProfessionTelevision Star
Net Worth$10 Million

Unsellable Houses Twins Net Worth

Lyndsay and Leslie, the hosts of Unsellable Houses on HGTV, earn $300,000 each year from the show. They also make about $100,000 from selling each of the 170 homes they’ve fixed up, totaling over $1.7 million. And there’s more! They also get around $70,000 every year from social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

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How Much Do Unsellable Houses Twins Net Worth on HGTV?

You might already know that HGTV doesn’t foot the bill for house makeovers. Instead, hosts such as Lyndsay and Leslie earn a good income for their TV work. They also rake in hefty commissions from selling tough-to-sell homes. Sources say the twins make roughly $100,000 annually from HGTV. Additionally, they could pocket a nice sum, say around $30,000, for each episode they appear in.

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Unsellable Houses Twins Net Worth

How Much Do Unsellable Houses Twins Make for an Episode?

Each episode of their HGTV show pays about $10,000. Since the twin sisters are seasoned hosts, they earn more than others on the network. The Unsellable Houses Twins make much money from their HGTV gigs. They receive bonuses and special perks for their efforts, pulling in approximately $30,000 for each episode.

How Much Do Unsellable Houses Twins Make by Selling a House?

Lyndsay and Leslie, two sisters from Snohomish, Washington, look for houses that are hard to sell. When they find one, they spend money fixing it up to sell it for more and earn commissions.

In one case, they spent $100,000 fixing up a house. After the renovations, they listed it for a million dollars. They earned back their $100,000 investment plus commissions from the sale.

In another episode, they helped a friend fix her house, which took four weeks and cost around $80,000. The friend’s house sold for $830,000, making a $150,000 profit. That’s how the sisters make a lot of money quickly.

Now, they’re searching for another house to fix up in Snohomish, Washington, to renovate and assist others.

What Do Unsellable Houses Twins Do for a Living?

The twin sisters earned more than $1.7 million by selling over 170 hard-to-sell houses. They also have social media accounts where they share their daily work and videos. Their primary income comes from selling these houses at high prices. They also have lots of fans and followers on social media who support them. According to IMDb, they’ve been on the HGTV show Unsellable Houses since 2019, appearing in 30 episodes. Currently, they’re enjoying life to the fullest.

Unsellable Houses Twins Net Worth

What are Unsellable Houses Twins Doing Now?

The twin sisters are filming the third season of their show Unsellable Houses on HGTV. Their husbands, Justin Lamb and Jacob Davis have also appeared on HGTV multiple times. The sisters remain heavily involved in the TV show.

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