Ashley Elliott’s Husband

Ashley Elliott’s Husband: A Detail Guide And Facts

People are talking about Ashley Elliott’s husband and another woman named Shaela. It started when Ashley posted a video pretending to review a made-up situation. 

People thought Ashley and her husband might split up because one wasn’t faithful, but Ashley said they’d stay together for their kids. So, what’s the truth behind this drama with Ashley, her husband Ajaiye Elliott, and this other woman, Shaela?

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 Let’s discuss this!

Who Is Ashley Elliott?

Ashley Elliott, also called Combat Gel Lady because of her popular hair gel brand, has a huge fanbase of 15 million on TikTok. She loves body art and has tattoos of butterflies and flowers. Her hair gel brand, Combat Gel, has a fun slogan: “Stronger than your relationship.” It comes in flavors like watermelon and peach, and it’s thick.

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Even though she’s tough and faces challenges, Ashley often shares videos with her husband and is close to her sister. But it’s been said, and Ashley confirmed, that her marriage is over.

Ashley Elliott’s Husband

The Heartwarming Story of Ashley Elliott’s Husband

You might have heard some touching stories, but you might not know the most interesting facts about Ashley Elliott’s husband. Behind every strong woman, an amazing partner often sticks by their side no matter what. Ashley Elliott’s husband is one of those partners. Their story shows that love can overcome any challenge life throws at them.

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 They support and motivate each other, inspiring each other every step of the way. Their journey started like many others, full of love, laughter, and promises for the future. But life isn’t always easy; they’ve had their struggles. 

Through it all, Ashley’s husband has been her constant support. He’s been like a rock, standing by her through every tough time. With his unconditional love, he never lets her feel alone, no matter what they’re going through.

Video That Started Ashley Elliott’s Husband Drama

The fuss about Ashley Elliott’s marriage began when she posted a video on TikTok on August 24. In the video, Ashley talks about a pretend situation where a husband who provides for his family leaves his wife, who stays home, for a younger woman. This video surprised her followers, who wondered if Ashley was talking about her life. Soon, the video went viral and became a big topic online, leading to talks about Ashley’s personal life. Even though it was just guesswork, this video started a series of events in Ashley Elliott’s marriage.

The Involvement Of Shaela

The excitement about Ashley Elliott’s marriage got more interesting when a TikTok user named Shaela got involved. Shaela, who says she’s a sex worker, said in a video that she had talked with Ashley’s husband. Shaela explained they hadn’t met in person, but they had talked. This made things more complicated and made Ashley’s followers guess even more. Shaela being part of this made many people react and comment, making the talk about Ashley Elliott’s personal life even bigger.

Ashley’s Response

Amidst all the chaos, Ashley Elliott responded with kindness and understanding. She made a TikTok video confirming that her marriage was ending. Ashley showed that she wanted to treat her husband with respect, no matter what. She explained that she wouldn’t discuss their marriage details online because she worried about their kids.

 In another video, Ashley said her husband preferred to keep his life private and didn’t want fame. So, she decided to remove all videos with him in them. Even though it was hard, Ashley stayed calm and handled everything well. Her response showed her strength and impressed her fans.

Ashley Elliott

Ashley Elliott Husband Video On Drama

After all that unfolded, Ashley Elliott’s husband briefly appeared on social media to share his perspective. In a TikTok video that was later deleted, he talked about his worries regarding being taken advantage of for others’ gain and harming his reputation. 

He mentioned he wasn’t big on social media but emphasized he wouldn’t let anyone tarnish his image. What’s unexpected is that Ashley stayed out of the limelight. She respected her husband greatly and ensured he wasn’t dragged into trouble.

Fans Reaction 

All this commotion has caught the attention of Ashley’s fans and followers. In a response video, Ashley explained that her earlier video was a made-up story, but fans kept guessing about her marriage.

 When Ashley confirmed her marriage was ending, fans were surprised and saddened. Many supported Ashley and praised her for handling the situation gracefully and with dignity. Shaela, a TikTok user who claimed to have been talking to Ashley’s husband, made things even more complicated. 

Fans quickly shared their thoughts, with many criticizing Shaela for bringing Ashley’s personal life into the public eye. Throughout everything, Ashley’s fans remained active and continued to show their support for her.

Ashley Elliott’s Husband Age

In early February 2023, Ashley Elliott’s husband, Ajaiye Elliott, celebrated his 32nd birthday. It’s worth mentioning that he hardly engages in social activities.


Here’s a story about a man named Kendall who was married to Ashley Elliott, a social media influencer with many followers. Kendall is into fitness but has yet to talk much about his job. They’ve been together for almost seven years, but recent news says they’re splitting up. There’s a TikTok rumour that Kendall left Ashley for another woman. Many details about their situation need to be clarified. 

Reports say Kendall cheated on Ashley with other women. Ashley, feeling heartbroken, said she never expected this. She didn’t have a job outside the home and relied on Kendall to care for her and their kids, only to find herself alone. 

Ashley later said on TikTok that their marriage wasn’t good and lacked a healthy relationship. At first, they were happy and close, but later, Ashley found out Kendall was having an affair.

Ashley Elliott’


Social media has been a buzz with discussions of Ashley Elliott’s marriage. Even though it’s been hard, Ashley has stayed strong and graceful, earning praise from her followers. As her fans, we’re eagerly waiting for more updates as things progress.


Who is Ashley Elliott?

Ashley Elliott is a famous influencer and TikTok star known for her hair brand.

Who is Ashley Elliott’s husband?

Ashley Elliott’s husband is named Kendall. He often appears in videos with her.

What are some facts about Ashley Elliott’s husband?

Ashley Elliott’s husband, Kendall, could be more active on social media, but people may recognize him from Ashley’s posts. Unfortunately, he cheated on his wife with another woman despite having two kids with her. He didn’t seem to think about the consequences of his actions.

How did Ashley Elliott’s fans discover she wasn’t living with her husband?

Fans noticed videos with Ashley’s husband disappeared from her page a few weeks ago. Also, around the same time, Ashley stopped wearing her wedding ring, which caught the attention of her followers.

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