SwifDoo PDF to Enhance Your PDF Security with the Encryption Practices

PDF (short for Portable Document Format) is a file format developed by Adobe Systems for exchanging files in a way that is independent of applications, operating systems and hardware. 

PDF image files to the PostScript language model, whether your printer supports it, provide accurate colors and precise printing results that will faithfully reproduce the original PDF file of every character, color and image.

The Advantages of PDF

The company’s general public documents are provided to employees in PDF format because PDF prevents other people from accidentally touching the keyboard to modify the contents of the file.

Then, when we edit the word thesis project report and send it to the viewing instructor, we also recommend using the PDF format. Because the office Word version may not cause format disturbance, but PDF does not.

Once you convert your document to PDF, it will take up less memory space and make it easier to transfer.

Converting to PDF avoids incompatibilities and font substitution issues caused by other software, making your document more flexible.

The pages of PDF reading software are relatively simple. It is more convenient for the user to view the file, and it can be enlarged or reduced by will.

PDF Converting

PDF format documents can be converted with a wide range of software. Such as Office 365 or SwifDoo PDF can be converted to PDF format.

The PDF format also supports printing and adding comments and more. When reading a document, we can add comments to the content we read while reading, which is convenient and practical.

The Disadvantages of PDF

Modifications are too inconvenient, avoiding unintentional modifications and making normal modifications difficult.

PDF documents can be converted from various programs, but it is difficult to convert to other formats, and the format after converting PDF to Word is also very reluctant. 

I often encounter the need to format PDF to Word using various tools, the effect is often not perfect. Use SwifDoo PDF to easily and quickly modify your file format.

Due to the characteristics of a PDF document, everyone saves a file in this format, but there is a problem, and the security of the file is especially important. To secure this PDF file, we will set a password for this file, but do you know how to add a password? Let me teach you how to use the SwifDoo PDF software, which is fast and powerful. 

  1. First, open your browser and start typing on the website swifdoo.com , on the home page of the product, click “Free Download” to download the client, then wait for a while, wait for it to download.
  2. Once the download is complete, open the folder you want to install and start installing the SwifDoo PDF desktop program.
  3. Once the installation is complete, find the location where it was installed and open our product client.
  4. Launch the program, find “Protect“, click to open “Encryption” – one of our features of this product which is designed to encrypt PDF file.
  5. Open and click the Select button to open the folder, find the important file you need to encrypt and select (note: it must be a PDF file), then enter the password you want to encrypt for this file.
  6. Click “Apply“, then you can save the encrypted PDF file.
  7. After completing the above steps, you have successfully encrypted the PDF file.

The above explains how to encrypt a PDF file. The PDF decryption feature can also help everyone and improve your work efficiency and learning efficiency.

The SwifDoo PDF program not only has encryption and decryption capabilities, but also many other features such as PDF to Office documents, Word to PDF, Excel to PDF, PPT to PDF and PDF to DWG, JPEG, PNG, BMP image, splitting or merging PDF files.

In Closing

If you have not yet registered your SwifDoo PDF account and converted your files using its converter tools, you can just try its free online converters. 

On the other hand, you can improve PDF quality or security by installing its desktop version. Because with this tool you will be able to convert the designs you want in the format you have them in and when choosing the impression you will be able to adjust the quality in the properties section of the same. 

Thanks to this variety of options, you can easily improve the PDF quality and enhance the security of your document for greater clarity.

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