DedicatedCore VPS Hosting Review

DedicatedCore is a vps hosting company that focuses on small business customers. Streamline your website management with the managed cloud vm and robust infrastructure of ideal linux VPS hosting in europe. It offers low-cost, entry-level VPS hosting plans.

DedicatedCore offers vps hosting for businesses across four price plans. Although allowances are generous, DedicatedCore limits the number of websites that you can create.

Notably, backups are included, and the backup feature includes self-restore. This is reasonably rare on vps hosting plans. DedicatedCore with the option to upgrade to plans with higher capacity.

Site migrations are free, regardless of the control panel or software you are using at your old host. DedicatedCore offers Free Website Migration/Transfer. In DedicatedCore vps web hosting.

WordPress hosting is available with very similar specs to share. Again, the number of websites is very limited. VPS and dedicated servers are lumped together on one page, as are the Linux and Windows variants for each.

There are three reseller plans on sale a dedicated core, all with unlimited customers and bandwidth allowance. However, you’re limited to the number of websites you can create.

DedicatedCore Reviews by Our Community

Just read the previous comments on DedicatedCore and must say I’m disappointed others feel that way. With nvme based us virtual server you can explore the fastest data center for unmatched performance and dedicated support for your business. I’ve been with dedicated core for nearly three years now, hosting over 40 websites with them on a reseller package.

The uptime, they provide is 99.99 %. Their support is one of the best things about DedicatedCore. If I have a problem, my first port of call is the live chat function on the company’s website.

99% of the time my problem is resolved there and then within that conversation. All in all, DedicatedCore provides a happy hosting experience and I have no qualms or inclination to sever any ties to them.

Although the hosting does come with cPanel, DedicatedCore is happy to make any required amendments to your server set-up, i.e. if you need a PHP module enabling/installing, etc.

It’s this level of human interaction that makes me appreciative of the service DedicatedCore provides, while also feeling I’m being looked after rather than at the mercy of some multinational organization that doesn’t care much for individuals.

My website was built using web builder (WB). Recently the WB software was upgraded which meant that I could no longer make changes to my site. having fought for a week.

The company had no backup – was no real help – didn’t give me the impression of helping me – my site is now live with no ability to be amended, changed, etc. I have been let down badly and am looking at changing the host for my site.

I rely on this for my income and losing a 55-page site “just like that” and being told “Oh just start again” is not good enough. Pros – UK-based server; 24-hour support; cheap; reliable servers. Cons – Potential to destroy your business!

I’ve used DedicatedCore for a very long time now. I’ve had very little in the way of issues and I’ve always had excellent support when I’ve needed it. I would and have recommended them to others as well.

DedicatedCore Uptime/Downtime

DedicatedCore’s About page refers to 100% uptime, but this is misleading because uptime isn’t actually mentioned on the hosting pages. In the Terms of Service, there’s a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

But we found a reference to 99.99% uptime at checkout. It would be wise to clarify this figure if uptime is important to you.

DedicatedCore has its own data center in Europe, which is where customers’ websites are hosted. There doesn’t appear to be any other data center option for customers elsewhere.

DedicatedCore Support

Support is offered by an in-house team 24/7 via phone, email, and ticket. DedicatedCore says that all tickets are answered within 24 hours.  If you want to move hosts later, this could make it difficult to take your data with you.

DedicatedCore Control Panel

VPS and dedicated server plans come with cPanel. But it appears that vps hosting, WordPress hosting, and reseller hosting do not.DedicatedCore provides an overview of its control panel on its vps hosting page.

While DedicatedCore will help you to import data from cPanel or Plesk to its own cloud hosting control panel, it doesn’t look like there is an export option to transfer data the other way.

DedicatedCore Summary

Like many of its sister brands, DedicatedCore specializes primarily in business vps hosting, and the backup provision is a welcome bonus. The cancellation policy is unusual, and other hosts do better in this area.

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