Scale Your BigCommerce Theme Development Proficiency: 5 Tips to Count On!

BigCommerce already comes with a lot of pre-developed templates or layouts for you to base your online store on. No doubt, the available options are aesthetic, appealing and responsive. However, relying on the default themes doesn’t add that stand-out effect to your brand presence. 

Your product pages, shopping cart, category page and other such elements will look fairly similar to a lot of other standard BigCommerce websites. Therefore, it is advised to avail of BigCommerce theme development services and make room for custom layouts, stylesheets and elements. 

With a professional BigCommerce web designer handling your theme development project, you can be assured of acquiring a unique online store. They will ensure better engagement and enhance the user experience quotient. 

But, BigCommerce theme development can be considered a success, only if it is done with utmost proficiency. So, this article will cover certain tips & tricks that you and your developers must adopt in order to get the best appeal for your BigCommerce store. 

What are the Tips & Tricks for Improving BigCommerce Theme Development Practices?

BigCommerce theme development is definitely a very complex process and demands a lot of time and effort. You need help from a professional BigCommerce web designer to pay attention to every detail you want for your store. Therefore, as per experts’ suggestions, here are some of the tips & tricks on how you can improve BigCommerce theme development:

1. Adding Simplicity to the Store Design

For you to know, search engine crawlers don’t prioritize responding to cluttered sites. And this is one of the most important aspects to take care of while seeking BigCommerce theme development. To ensure this isn’t an issue for your store, make sure your theme is simple as well as responsive to avoid any unwanted clutters. 

This way, your BigCommerce web designer will not just be helping you attain better search engine ranking, but will also achieve a consistent responsiveness. If you already have a BigCommerce store, let the experts diagnose it for performance-hampering elements and eradicate them to keep the site simple. 

2. Ensure the Theme is Responsive

As most online shoppers are now using mobile devices to look for their favorite products, you must ensure the responsiveness of your BigCommerce theme for all screen sizes. Therefore, you must hire a BigCommerce web designer and adopt responsiveness for your store, not just to make them seamlessly run desktops but also for mobile devices. 

This way, your site theme will be able to cater to the user experience expectations and give it better visibility over the SERPs. Let the experts assess your requirements and tailor the perfect theme for your BigCommerce site, ideal for all devices. 

3. Avail Consistent Design and Implement Proper Branding

With the help of a BigCommerce web designer, you will be able to maintain consistency in your site design. It means that every design aspect of your theme will align with one another, creating a uniform appeal. You, alongside your BigCommerce development agency professionals, must pay attention to the crucial theme elements for determining such consistency. 

For instance, you must ensure your theme design is consistent with respect to logo, colors, images and fonts. When you care to optimize all of these theme elements with the help of a BigCommerce website designer, you will be able to implement efficient branding outcomes. People will find themselves feeling more connected between you and the customers. 

4. Include Quality Videos and Images

As there are a lot of eCommerce stores online, the consumers have a lot of options to count on! But, there’s a definite way to draw their attention towards your brand on priority. And you can do that by adding a well-optimized theme, backed with quality videos and images. Use original videos and images of top quality to highlight your brand offerings over the site. 

This way, it will be easier for you to boost the rate of engagement on your site and eventually bag more conversions. To advance the BigCommerce web development effectiveness, your theme designer will consider adding infographics to the site to present the offers in a more appealing manner. 

It is the responsibility of professionals offering BigCommerce development services to make sure that the images or videos added to the site are of the best quality. 

5. Implement Easy Navigation

When visitors land on your store, it is the easy navigation that plays an immense role in holding them on the site. When they can easily find what they are looking for in your store, there’s a better chance that they will complete the purchase or stay longer to explore more site content. 

Therefore, you must seek BigCommerce development services and create a theme template that offers easy navigation for the visitors. Keep in mind the thumb rule visitors should get their desired items in your store in no more than four clicks. This way, your BigCommerce store accessibility further increases, delivering a better experience for the users. 

6. Prioritize Tests for the Theme or Design

Getting a custom theme for the BigCommerce store won’t ensure your store’s success. You must run tests to determine if the theme is responsive enough and adheres to your business requirements. Take the help of experts offering BigCommerce development services and let them run thorough tests to determine aesthetic, cybersecurity or functionality flaws. 

This way, you will be able to fix the errors beforehand, ensuring they don’t hold you back from running a successful eCommerce business. Not just that, but optimal testing & site optimization will also help determine the possibility of adding more customizations or enhancements to the store. This way, gaining visitors’ attention will be even easier!

Parting Words

With this, you now have a clear understanding of how BigCommerce development services, associated with theme customization, can be helpful for your eCommerce business. No matter what type of product or service you sell, the way you present your brand and the offerings is what’s important! 

You must emphasize delivering a better shopping experience to the customers. And that’s possible only when you can craft a unique theme as part of your BigCommerce development services. So, hire a BigCommerce developer and implement only the right practices towards delivering you a responsive and functional theme for your BigCommerce store.

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