Polaris Ranger Accessories

Introduction to Polaris Ranger Accessories

Over 1 million Polaris Ranger utility side-by-sides have been sold since the vehicle’s introduction in 2007. And what makes these rugged and versatile UTVs (utility task vehicles) even more appealing is the incredible variety of accessories available, allowing owners to optimize them for specialized jobs and off-road adventures.

There are over 500 polaris ranger accessories to equip Rangers for tackling work around the farm, ranch, hunting camp, and trails like a boss. Whether you need to haul heavy equipment across fields, cruise down muddy ATV paths, or pack in lots of gear to a remote worksite, accessories can transform a basic Ranger into a hardcore trail-conquering machine.

From upgrades improving performance and handling to those enhancing cargo capacity, protection, safety, and comfort – the possibilities are endless for tricking out a trusty Ranger! Accessories allow owners to scale their rides to their specific needs and budgets while retaining the inherent customizability of UTV platforms. Best of all, Polaris-engineered accessories integrate seamlessly with factory-installed components without any need for custom fabrication.

So, let’s explore some of the most popular accessory categories and upgrades Ranger owners utilize to boost the functionality and durability of their UTVs for tackling tough jobs and terrain!

Performance Upgrades

One of the most popular reasons to accessorize a Polaris Ranger is to dramatically boost its power, speed, and handling abilities on and off-road. Common performance upgrades include:

  • Tires and Wheels – Nothing transforms the capabilities of a Ranger more than upgrading to larger, more aggressive tires and wheels. Popular setups are black aluminum wheels wrapped in 26-30″ all-terrain tires or extreme rock crawling tires up to 32″. Larger diameter tires lift the Ranger, providing more ground clearance, while the deep open tread pattern grips rocks, mud, and loose dirt/sand.
  • Suspension Lifts – To further improve ground clearance, a suspension lift kit raises the entire frame/body between 1.5″-8″ higher off the ground. Basic spacer lifts just increase the space between the frame and suspension components, but more advanced kits feature extended shocks and arms, allowing greater wheel travel over large obstacles at higher speeds.
  • Snorkel Air Intakes – Nothing kills an off-road ride faster than submerging air intakes and flooding the engine. Snorkel intakes featuring tall air tubes allow Rangers to power through water crossings up to cab height without issues. A must-have accessory for dedicated mud runners and creek crossers.
  • Exhaust Systems – Swapping the stock exhaust out for an aftermarket system significantly improves throttle response and high RPM power by reducing back pressure. Popular slip-on muffler kits are affordable, while cat-back and header upgrades necessitate professional installation but provide maximum gains.

When combined, these common upgrades enable Polaris Ranger owners to confidently tackle more extreme trails or work sites strewn with large obstacles, deep ruts, thick mud, or deep water/snow.

Tow and Cargo Accessories

Polaris Rangers excel at hauling heavy gear and towing equipment over rough off-road conditions. The following accessories enable owners to significantly enhance their UTVs towing capacities and cargo abilities:

  • Hitches and Trailer Accessories – Equipping a Ranger with a heavy-duty 2″ receiver hitch and associated wiring harness allows it to safely tow 1,500+ lbs of equipment trailers, livestock trailers, cargo carriers, etc. Other essential add-ons include anti-sway bars, ball mounts, and trailer brake controllers.
  • Cargo Boxes – Swapping out the stock plastic composite cargo box for one made of diamond plate aluminum or durable polyethylene plastic increases strength, scratch resistance, and carrying capacity. Many feature built-in Tie down anchor points and non-slip floors. Truck bed style retractable or folding tonneau covers enhance security/weather protection.
  • Rack Systems – The open frame design of UTVs lends itself perfectly to mounting all manner of rack systems. Common additions are front brush and A-arm guards to fend off trail obstacles, rear cargo racks and trailers to haul bulky gear not fit for the box, jerry can holders, and wheel-well mounted racks for carrying long items like fishing poles, PVC pipes, lumber, etc.
  • Liners and Toolboxes – Once loaded up, keeping everything securely in place is essential where cargo shifts unpredictably on rough terrain. Plastic bed liners with built-in toolboxes are fantastic for preventing gear damage and keeping essentials like tow straps, shackles, and first aid kits secured but easily accessible.

When running heavy loads, airing up the tires helps handle and supplement stock springs with heavy-duty coil-over shocks to maintain ride height. With the right accessories, you can truck around gear and supplies to the most remote sites while getting there in rugged style!

Protection and Safety

Given their rough use, investing in protection accessories improves the lifespan of Rangers while providing valuable safety enhancements:

  • Bumpers and Armor – Heavy duty front and rear bumpers prevent body damage while rocker panel guards and brush guards fend off trail obstacles at key impact points.
  • Windshields and Hard Cabs/Doors – Bolt on hard plastic cabs, doors, and windshields seal out the elements for extreme weather usage or when installing heat/AC. Most offer durable scratch and dent protection too.
  • Harness Belts and Seats – Upgrade the seats with 4-point to 6-point harness belts for securely restraining riders while high-backed seats provide additional comfort and support.
  • Warning Lights – Roof-mounted warning/hazard lights increase visibility of the Ranger for hunting, worksite usage, or off-road driving at night. Variety of LED mini light bars to choose from.

Comfort and Convenience Accessories

Lengthy work days call for accessories focused on driver and passenger comfort/convenience:

  • Windshields and Hard Cabs/Doors – As mentioned above, these provide shelter from weather and branches. Additionally, they help seal in cab warmth or cooling from compatible heating and AC systems.
  • Audio – Weatherproof audio systems with roof/roll cage mounted speakers allow listening to music. Some feature waterproof rugged wireless Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Seating – In addition to harness belts, specialized seats tailored for UTV use provide back support and padding for long rides over uneven terrain.

In Closing

This wide range of rugged, trail-ready Polaris Ranger accessories enables owners to get even more versatility and productivity out of their UTV investment while customizing it for peak performance. With the right accessories, you can upgrade your stock Ranger into a true multi-purpose powerhouse.

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