Nine Steps to Turn Your Manuscript into a Future Best Seller

Finally, being able to complete your manuscript provides an unmatched feeling of satisfaction. If you have published a book before, you can understand. Even if you are writing your first book, you may have heard about these feelings.

Every author wants to see their work on the best seller’s list to grab the attention of the right readers. However, making your manuscript a future best seller is not as easy as successful authors make it look like. The best book publishers in USA can help one to make his book the best seller in the market.

Here are some steps that can help you boost the potential of your book.

  1. Refine Your Concept

A brilliant concept is the basis of any bestseller. The concept can act as a hook to grab the reader’s attention and set their hopes for a great reading journey. They will become eager to read a book with a book concept from cover to cover.

To refine your concepts and bring out the best in your work, it is always advised to choose a concept that you enjoy reading. Doing something you love can spark your creativity and build a brilliant story on a strong basis.

  1. Strengthen Your Characters

Whether you are writing a gripping mystery, the importance of strong characters never changes. Once you have set a strong basis for your novel, the next important thing to do is create unique characters and bring time to life.

You must focus on creating engaging and relatable characters for your readers. Design them so that they will root for and empathise with them, forming an instant connection. You can also give them flaws and quirks to engage the readers.

  1. Revisit Your Plot

If you want the reader to keep turning the pages and stay engaged with your book from the first time they laid eyes on it, you must consider revisiting your plot. You must have everything mapped out before you start writing.

While planning your plot, make sure that all twists and turns are defined. Take your opportunity to build suspense and tension with every step. Your book is your small world, and you do not have to hold back to push boundaries and showcase your uniqueness.

  1. Edit Ruthlessly

There are so many bases to be covered in order to ensure that your book will become a bestseller. The small details that may seem insignificant can boost your chances of acting as a best-selling author in the future.

Take your time to edit your manuscript thoroughly, going through every paragraph, sentence, and word. To boost its accuracy, give it as many revisions as you can. You can be ruthless in your approach. 

The next step is to ask professionals to help you to polish your prose. Freelance proofreaders, beta readers, and your writing mentors can help you identify areas for improvement in your manuscript.

  1. Create a Marketing Plan

In this competitive world, you cannot simply rely on a great manuscript in order to be recognized for your talents. You must give your book marketing plan the same time and energy as your manuscript in order for your book to succeed.

In your marketing plan, outline all important aspects, such as your goals, target audience, and promotional tactics. Track these efforts continuously to make the necessary changes in time and ensure the discoverability of your book. You can also partner up with influencers, media, and online platforms to reach a wider audience.

Remember that you do not have to wait until after the book has been published to promote it. You can start your marketing efforts as soon as you finish the first draft.

  1. Build Your Online Presence

In this digitally-driven world, authors need to have an online presence. An online platform such as your author’s website and social media handles can be the best place for you to engage and interact with your target audience.

Building an author platform is essential for reaching and engaging with your target audience is very crucial. These platforms can allow you to share teasers for your upcoming book, hold webinars, and even start a blog to keep your audience engaged.

  1. Build Excitement

It is important to build excitement and anticipation for your upcoming book. You should not let any opportunity to promote your work go to waste. 

Authors who want to see their book among the bestsellers must promote their book launch. You can plan a launch event and create excitement among the readers before they even see the book in their nearest stores. 

You can also use your social media handles, author’s website, email lists, and influencer network to excite your target audience even further. Focus the most on the platforms that are frequently leveraged by your target audience.

In addition, you can also consider offering discounts or incentives to readers who pre-order your book or share a word with their friends and family members.

  1. Focus on Your Brand

Writing a great book is your opportunity to create your brand as an author. A consistent and memorable brand can tell your audience a lot about you and make your work easy for them to remember. 

You must ensure consistency in all aspects of your brand communication, including your social media presence, author’s website, and merchandise. A strong brand can be recognized by a fan from miles away. It means that if they love your current book, they will keep coming back for more.

  1. Encourage Reviews

Whether a consumer is about to hire a service or purchase an item, it is a common practice for them to skim through the reviews before finalising their decision. Good reviews can significantly expedite your audience’s purchasing decisions. 

If you are confident about the quality and purpose of your book, you must always ask your readers to leave a review on different platforms. Their reviews can encourage and intrigue other potential readers about your work.

You can also offer advanced reader copies (ARCs) to book bloggers and influencers to generate buzz about your book and engage more readers even before the book is published.

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