PTE Academic: 10 Things to Keep in Mind While Preparing

The Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic)—As a test recognised
internationally, it evaluates the English language abilities of non-native speakers aiming
to study abroad or immigrate to English-speaking nations. However, succeeding on the
PTE Academic exam requires diligent planning and a strategic approach.

So, to help test-takers in their journey, here are 10 essential things to keep in mind
while preparing for the PTE Academic exam. But before you move on to the
preparation, you need to take three crucial steps. Consider them as the foundation for
the following practice.

First: Understand the Exam Format

Before jumping into preparation, it’s crucial to become familiar with the exam format of
PTE Academic. The test consists of 4 main parts:
● Speaking
● Writing
● Reading
● Listening
Each part assesses specific abilities through various tasks like speaking into a
microphone, writing essays, reading comprehension, and listening to audio recordings.
To emerge with a good score, one needs to have enough grasp on all four aspects.

Second: Figure­ Out Your Current Level

After the exam format, it’s time to learn where you stand right now. Do a quick se­lf-
check or try a sample test to unde­rstand your current English level. Taking this step will
he­lp you see what you are good at and what ne­eds work so you can focus your study
time wisely. You can use any of the fre­e online resource­s that offer practice tests and
e­xample questions to conduct this analysis.

Third: Make a Cle­ar Study Guide

Now, the third step is to create a sche­duled study plan detailing what you will do each
day or we­ek, with specific goals for each part of English. Se­t aside enough time for
practice­, review, and repe­ating important ideas. An organised plan such as this will
ensure­ steady progress throughout your preparation.
Now, after these three foundational steps, move on to the preparation, including the following
tips and tricks.

Use Official Study Materials:

Use the official PTE Academic study guides made by Pearson, the organisation that
makes the test. These study guides, like practice tests and sample questions, are
designed to help learn about the format and content of the exam. They also give good
ideas about the types of questions and tasks on the real exam.

Focus on Managing Time:

Managing time well is important for the PTE Academic exam since each section must
be done in a certain amount of time. Practice finishing tasks before the time ends to
learn good time management skills.
For example, the most common strategy is deciding which tasks are most important and
hardest first, so you have enough time for each section while also checking your

Improve Speaking and Writing Abilities:

The Speaking and Writing parts of the PTE Academic require you to clearly share ideas
and write essays with correct grammar. So, practice speaking into a microphone to
enhance pronunciation, fluency, and how you say words. Also, develop your writing by
making essays on different topics, focusing on structure, vocabulary use, and grammar

If all this overwhelms you, it’s worth considering hiring a reputable tutor who can guide
you through your preparation.

Boost Reading Comprehension:

The Reading section tests your ability to understand written texts and extract important
information. For this, it’s beneficial to practice reading a variety of materials, like articles,
essays, and academic journals, as it increases your reading speed and comprehension.
Pay particular attention to keywords, context clues, and the overall message when
answering comprehension questions.

Improve Your Listening Abilities:

Good listening skills are really important for success on the listening part of the PTE Academic
test. Practice listening to audio recordings with different accents, speeds, and topics. It will help
you understand what you hear better. Focus on getting the main ideas, details that support the
main ideas, and specific facts. Do this as you listen so you can answer correctly during the

Review Grammar and Words You Know:

Having a strong understanding of English grammar and vocabulary is key to doing well on all
parts of the PTE Academic test. To ensure this, you need to go over important grammar rules,
like verb tenses, subjects that match verbs, and sentence structure during your preparation.
This practice will minimise common mistakes. Also, learn new words and phrases and how to
use them in context.

Simulate Exam Conditions:

Lastly, in the weeks leading up to the exam, simulate the test conditions as closely as possible
during your practice sessions. Find a quiet environment free from distractions, use a computer
with a reliable internet connection, and adhere to the prescribed time limits for each section.
Many students skip this step, which can affect their performance to a great degree. Do not make
the same mistake and practise under simulated exam conditions. It will help alleviate your test
anxiety and build confidence for the actual exam day.

Final Message:

Preparing for the PTE Academic exam requires dedication, discipline, and strategic planning. By
understanding the test format, assessing your proficiency level, developing a structured study
plan, and focusing on key skills, you can maximise your chances of success. Additionally, by
using official preparation materials, prioritising time management and simulating exam
conditions, you stay ready for the challenges ahead.

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