Visa-Free Travel for Serbian Passport Holders

Serbia has something to offer every type of traveler, from exploring ancient historical sites to enjoying outdoor adventures in its picturesque countryside: its rich cultural heritage, diverse landscapes, and vibrant cities offer a wealth of experiences for foreign visitors. 

A Serbian passport provides numerous advantages, including the opportunity to access multiple destinations worldwide visa-free. With Serbian citizenship, you can enter Schengen zone countries and many others without a visa. Please continue reading for detailed information on Serbia’s visa arrangements with other nations.

In addition to visa-free travel benefits, Serbia’s geographical location in Europe makes it an attractive hub for international travelers. Its proximity to major European cities and the well-developed transportation infrastructure further increase its appeal as a travel destination and a base for exploring the continent. 

One notable advantage of obtaining Serbian citizenship is the extensive list of countries that permit visa-free entry or offer visa-on-arrival facilities to Serbian passport holders. This facilitates seamless travel for Serbians, whether for tourism, business, or other purposes, enhancing global mobility and connectivity.

Regarding citizenship and residency programs, while Serbia may not offer fast-track citizenship through investment, the regulations that outline obtaining legal residence are relatively straightforward. Various legal grounds, such as employment, family reunification, or study, provide avenues for obtaining a residence permit, which can eventually lead to citizenship through naturalization. 

A strong passport provides unhindered access to numerous foreign countries. Numerous visa options are available for Serbian citizens when traveling abroad, depending on the travel destination. 

Visa-Free Countries for Serbian Citizens 

Although the Serbian passport is not the most powerful globally, it grants visa-free entry to an impressive array of nations. For instance, countries like Australia or Switzerland and members of the European Union like Austria, Belgium, and Spain offer visa-free entry for Serbian passport holders, allowing them to arrive for specified periods without obtaining a visa in advance. Such visitors are permitted to stay in the Schengen zone for 90 days within any period of 6 months. 

In Mexico, legal residents of the USA, Canada, Japan, the UK, or a Schengen zone country do not need visas, and Serbians are entitled to free visas. A visa is also not required to travel to El Salvador if the traveler has a valid visa to Canada, the USA, or a Schengen area country.

In the Bahamas, only Permanent residents of the USA and Canada do not need visas. Nevertheless, passengers of cruise ships calling at Bahamas ports do not need visas on the condition that they arrive and leave on the ship.

Visas Retrieved in Advance 

Countries such as Brazil, Canada, and Chile require Serbian travelers to obtain a visa before arrival, but the process is straightforward and manageable through respective embassies or consulates. 

When visiting Great Britain, Serbian citizens usually need a UK Standard Visitor Visa obtained in advance. However, if they are carrying valid visas to Australia, New Zealand, USA, or Canada and traveling to or from any of these countries, they do not need UK transit visas. The same holds for Serbians who are permanent residents of any of the EU countries, Australia, New Zealand, or Canada.

Visas on Arrival

On the other hand, certain countries offer Serbian nationals the opportunity to get visas on arrival. For instance, countries like Egypt, India, and Jordan allow Serbian travelers to obtain a visa upon arrival at designated entry points, easing the visa application process and enabling smoother travel experiences. However, various countries have certain specific requirements, restrictions, or limitations. 

Entering Jordan, it is possible to obtain a visa on arrival at selected entry points into the country. The visit is only possible with a passport of Serbia that is valid for over six months beyond the intended visit to Jordan. The traveler also needs to prove that they have plans to leave Jordan (a departure ticket, for example). 

When visiting India, electronic visa holders shall only arrive through twenty-five designated airports or three designated seaports. It is permitted to obtain an electronic visa only twice in a calendar year.

In Somalia, visas on arrival can be obtained at the airports of Galkayo and Mogadishu. In 

Additionally, electronic visas are available for countries like Azerbaijan, Cambodia, and Kenya, offering Serbian citizens the convenience of applying for visas online before their trip. In the United Arab Emirates, Serbian citizens can apply for electronic visas online.

Additional Requirements

Some nations may require Serbian passport holders to undergo additional screening or provide specific documentation upon entry. These countries, including China, Russia, and the United States, may have varying visa policies and procedures, which call for thorough research and preparation in advance, sometimes a few months before travel.  When traveling to Benin, the foreign visitor has to have an international vaccination certificate

Please check the SerbiaWealth portal for precise and updated information about the visa requirements. Contact our experts for a comprehensive country-by-country list of visa-free destinations accessible to Serbians or any additional information you may require.

Additional Advantages 

Understanding the diverse visa options ensures Serbian travelers can navigate international borders efficiently and enjoy seamless journeys worldwide. However, a Serbian passport can provide many more advantages than just a lot of visa-free destinations. If you get a Serbian residence card, followed by a passport, you will receive access to various financial, banking, and lifestyle advantages. Get in touch with our experts for an individual consultation on Serbian permanent residence and citizenship programs for foreign visitors.


Getting access to visa-free travel to numerous destinations is one of the doubtless advantages of acquiring Serbian citizenship. In addition, a Serbian passport opens doors to the country’s rich cultural heritage, diverse landscapes, and vibrant cities. With its strategic location in Europe and straightforward residency processes, Serbia emerges as an attractive option for those seeking global mobility and opportunities for exploration and growth. If you are interested in getting more information about permanent residence or citizenship programs in Serbia, please visit our SerbiaWealth portal or request a personal consultation with one of our experts.

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