Mount Carmel Wyoming Shutting Down

Mount Carmel Wyoming Shutting Down


Mount Carmel is a peaceful and spiritual place in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Wyoming. People are discussing possibly Mount Carmel, Wyoming, shutting down and making others speak about the Wyoming Carmelites’ journey there. Despite their challenges, this monastery remains committed to prayer and reflection, inviting us to explore its rich history and unwavering faith.

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The Journey of the Wyoming Carmelites

The Wyoming Carmelites, also called “The Monks of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel,” started in 2003. At first, there were only two monks living in a rented house. However, more people joined them because they believed in their simple lives and focused on prayer.

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A Day in the Life of the Monks

Central to the monks’ lives is their structured daily routine, known as the “honorarium.” This routine revolves around prayer, manual labor, and moments of rest. They seek to deepen their connection with the Divine through their dedication and share blessings with the world. Additionally, their venture into Mystic Monk Coffee has gained popularity among coffee enthusiasts, showcasing their entrepreneurial spirit.

Challenges Faced and Controversies

Even though they worked hard, the monastery faced problems, such as people saying they could have handled money better or behaved badly. But the monks say they didn’t do anything wrong. Instead, they see these problems as chances to get better. They’re trying to fix things and ensure everyone knows what’s happening in their community.

Addressing Closure Rumors

Recent rumors about the monastery’s closure have caused concern among supporters. However, the monks have clarified that they plan to relocate and build a more significant monastery instead. This decision has prompted discussions about the monastery’s future and lasting impact.

Construction Approval and Community Support

A significant milestone in the monastery’s journey occurred in 2010 when the Park County Board of Commissioners approved the monks’ proposal for a new monastery. This decision and assurances regarding the land’s continued use demonstrated confidence in the Wyoming Carmelites’ vision. Moreover, the monks have been uplifted by the unwavering support of their neighbors and friends, showcasing the deep bond between the monastery and the local community.

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Embracing the Future

Looking ahead, the Wyoming Carmelites remain committed to their mission and the realization of their new monastery. They see this endeavor as a physical expansion and a spiritual journey of growth and renewal. With ongoing help and good wishes, they look towards the future with hope and a strong will, led by their steadfast belief.


Mount Carmel in the rough land of Wyoming shows how faith, strength, and togetherness matter. Despite harsh times, the Wyoming Carmelites stayed firm in their commitment to prayer and thinking deeply. They show what their beliefs are about, even in hard times. As they start a new part of their journey, they do it with hope and help others, knowing that God’s light shines on Mount Carmel.

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