Tyrus, his father and mother

Meet Tyrus, His Mother, Father, Bio And Age


Tyrus’ real name is George Murdoch, is an American wrestler who does many things. He fights in wrestling matches and is the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) champion. Besides wrestling, he appears on TV news and acts in movies and shows.

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Let’s meet Tyrus, his mother, father, age, bio, etc in this article. Stay connected!

Meet Tyrus, His Mother and Father 

Tyrus was born in Boston, Massachusetts, on February 21, 1973. He turned 51 in 2024. Tyrus is a wrestler by profession. He’s from America. George Murdoch’s parents were young when he was born. His dad was 19, and his mom was 15. His background might confuse some.

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 Is Tyrus white? No, he’s biracial. His dad is African American, and his mom is white. Tyrus went to Quartz Hill High School in Los Angeles County, California. In 1992, he started at Antelope Valley College in Lancaster. Later, Tyrus went to the University of Nebraska at Kearney to learn to be a teacher. 

While there, he played football for the Lopers. But his football days ended after a surgery to remove a ruptured appendix went wrong. The surgery left him with a permanent limp because some nerves got hurt. Tyrus has been wrestling professionally since 2006. He’s also done well as a TV commentator.

 Tyrus Bio, Age & Body Measurements

NameGeorge Murdoch 
Known AsTyrus
Age51 Years Old
Date of BirthFebruary 21, 1973 
Birth PlaceBoston, Massachusetts, U.S 
Height6 Feet and 7 Inches
Weight170 Kg
Professional wrestling career ring names Brodus Clay, G-Rilla, George Murdoch, George T. Murdoch, Monstrous BC, Tyrus 
Trained ByDeep South Wrestling, Florida Championship

Who are Tyrus’s parents? 

Tyrus’s parents were young when he was born, so they didn’t know much about caring for a baby. In 2018, Tyrus talked about something from when he was little. His dad hurt his eye by hitting him. It was unfortunate, and because of that, Tyrus’ mom left. She went back to her parents’ house. Tyrus and his brother couldn’t go with her mother because they were part black, and her family didn’t like that. So they had to go to foster care. They lived with a foster family for a long time. 

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While growing up, Tyrus was interested in changing his skin colour. He thought it would help him get back to his family. Eventually, Tyrus and his brother returned to live with their mom, but Tyrus left home when he was 15.

Who Is Tyrus’ Mother?

The only thing known about Tyrus’ mother is that she’s white. He has yet to talk about her name or where she’s from.

Who Is Tyrus’ Father?

Tyrus didn’t have his dad around as much as he liked. He hardly talks about him. The only time he mentioned him was when he spoke of his dad being abusive, which caused an eye injury.

Why Does Tyrus Carry His Wrestling Belt Everywhere? 

Many sports champions carry their belts around because they’re proud of what they’ve done. It’s the same for Tyrus. A belt shows a significant achievement in wrestling, so he wants to show off his skills and accomplishments. That’s why Tyrus walks around with his belt.


Tyrus has five kids. He has a daughter named Georgie Murdoch with his wife, Ingrid. Before marrying Tyrus, Ingrid was in another relationship and has two kids from that. Their names are Rhet and Rock. Tyrus also has a daughter and a son with his ex-wife.

Marital StatusMarried


This article shows Tyrus’, his father, mother and who he is. Tyrus is an American wrestler.  He fights in wrestling matches and is the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) champion. Tyus has five kids. There’s not a lot known about Tyrus’s parents. He doesn’t say much about them, but he did mention having an abusive dad. Even though he had parents, Tyrus spent much of his childhood with foster parents.

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