Is Apple’s Personal Hotspot a Good Idea?

Is staying connected crucial? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Living in an increasingly mobile-dominated world means 24/7 connectivity at your fingertips. This is where Apple’s Personal Hotspot comes to the rescue. It instantly transforms iPads or iPhones into portable Wi-Fi routers that share cellular data connection with other devices, such as your Mac computer. Of course, for this feature to work without a hitch, ensure you have sufficient cellular data. 

But before passing the verdict of whether turning on the Personal Hotspot feature of your Apple device is a good idea, you need to weigh its pros and cons and understand if it aligns with your requirements. 

Setting Up a Personal Hotspot 

It only takes a few seconds to set up a Personal Hotspot. For this, you must know how to hotspot iPhone. The steps are:

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone 
  • Tap Personal Hotspot 
  • Tap the toggle next to Allow Other to Join so that nearby sharing is allowed. 
  • Tap Wi-Fi Password to change the password, or you can leave it as it is. Also, you can choose to remove the password so that anybody can join without requiring to enter a password. 
  • Head to the Family Sharing tab if you want to personalize how the hotspot works with people in the Apple family group (optional). 

Please note that you can set up a Personal Hotspot on your iPad by following the same steps. 

Once all the settings have been configured, your iPhone or iPad hotspot can be turned on whenever you need to share your cellular data with others. Also, the next time, you don’t even have to open the Settings app. Simply swipe down to access the Control Center and tap the Personal Hotspot icon. 

What Device can Connect to an iPhone/iPad Hotspot?

Any device can connect to your iPad or iPhone hotspot without a fuss. Whether you are trying to connect your Mac computer or Android device, simply choose your iPhone/iPad hotspot from the list of available Wi-Fi networks. Then, enter the hotspot password, and the device will be connected. 

Pros of Using Apple’s Personal Hotspot 

  • Connectivity on the go – It allows you to share your cellular data instantly with tablets, laptops, or other devices on the go. This eliminates the need for public Wi-Fi in airports, cafes, or remote locations. 
  • Unlimited entertainment for everyone – Anyone can use their hotspot to connect their device to the Internet so they can stream movies, browse online, or play games. 
  • Remote working redefined – You can be productive wherever you are as long as there’s enough mobile data. As you can connect your laptop to your iPhone’s hotspot, remote working can be a breeze. 

 Cons of Using Apple’s Personal Hotspot 

  • Drains a lot of mobile data – Sharing connection means cellular data gets consumed quickly. It might potentially exceed your data plan, and you might end up incurring additional expenses. So, check whether you have enough mobile data before turning on Personal Hotspot. 
  • Excessive battery life drain – Along with mobile data drain, the hotspot functionality is known for significantly draining your phone’s battery. Hence, you may need to carry a power bank or frequently look for charging spots. 
  • Performance limitations – The speed might not be top-notch. The Internet speed might be slower than the individual data connection and might impact gaming, streaming, or video calls. 
  • Security concerns – Public Wi-Fi networks are dreaded for security vulnerabilities. But a phone’s hotspot also carries similar risks if you don’t encrypt the connection or protect it using a unique password. 

Consider your Needs to Ascertain if Personal Hotspot is a Good Idea 

Assessing your usage patterns and individual needs will reveal whether using your phone’s data is a good idea. 

For instance, if you are a frequent traveler and lack access to reliable Wi-Fi networks, turning on a hotspot can be a lifesaver. Also, the Personal Hotspot feature might come in handy in emergency situations where connectivity is limited. 

However, if you are on a limited data plan, turning on a Personal Hotspot might not be a good idea. You will end up incurring extra expenses. 

How can you Minimize the Drawbacks of Using Personal Hotspot?

  • Through your phone’s settings or carrier’s app, track your data consumption and set limits so you don’t exceed your data plan. 
  • Carry a power bank wherever you go because your phone must have enough charge while you are using the hotspot. 
  • Do not keep your hotspot open for all. Protect it using a strong password. 

What’s the Verdict?

It ultimately comes down to your personal choice and specific requirements. For the most part, it seems like a good idea to use the Personal Hotspot of your iPhone or iPad so you can enjoy connectivity on the go and during emergency situations. 

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