How to Save Money on Prescription Meds

Canada’s medication prices are the third highest among Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries, which explains why patients are searching for more cost-effective options.

Seeking affordable meds is essential for stretching your budget and preventing stress. But if you’ve never considered cheaper meds, you likely won’t know where to start your search. 

Sounds like your situation? No worries, we have the answers you’re searching for. Here’s how to save on prescription meds. 

Switch to Generics

You may be stuck between Xarelto and Eliquis, but what if there’s a cheaper option?

Generics are copies of brand-name drugs that are more affordable. It’s important to note that generics are approved as safe by the government, giving you peace of mind.

So, if you need a blood thinner, learn more about Xarelto vs Eliquis and their generic options before deciding. 

Split Pills

Patients can slash the cost of prescription drugs by splitting pills.

Depending on the type of medication, you can order a stronger dose and then divide the pills. But before splitting the pills, ask your physician or pharmacist to avoid any issues. Also, only split one pill at a time and consume both halves before moving on. 

Choose a Mail Order or Online Pharmacies 

Another way to slash costs is by using an online pharmacy. A great place to start is to ask your current pharmacist for recommendations as it will minimize the risk of buying from a dodgy site. 

Most times, you can order a 90-day supply to see if it works for you. The key is to check if the online pharmacy is legit by looking for a Canadian street address on the site. Once you have it, check with the pharmacy regulatory authority in the province to confirm it’s safe to buy from. 

Further, patients can search for mail-order prices and see whether their insurance provider covers the medicine. 

Shop Around

Once you have a list of potential pharmacies, shop around. Figure out which one offers the best deals and go with that one. You should also read customer reviews to verify that the online pharmacy is credible. 

Another tip is to search for coupons or limited discounts. If you’re looking for a potential deal, check the website to see if you qualify and apply. The same goes with pharmacies, so contact your pharmacist. 

Buy in Bulk

If you haven’t already, save by buying prescription medications in bulk. Many patients don’t realize that you’re not only paying for the medicine but also the pharmacy to fill the order.

Note, that many insurance providers offer three-month refills of prescription drugs, so it may be cheaper for you. 

Save on Prescription Meds Today

Now that you know where to get affordable prescription meds, it’s time to shop.

There are many ways to slash medication costs, such as switching to generic pills and buying in bulk. But patients should shop around to find the best deal. Good luck with your search!

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