Divino Plastic Surgery Lawsuit

Divino Plastic Surgery Lawsuit: A Complete Story


A famous surgeon linked to Divino Plastic Surgery lawsuit in San Diego is facing murder charges along with many other legal problems.

In 2018, a patient of Dr. Carlos Chacon’s Divino Plastic Surgery in Bonita, California, passed away unexpectedly. Dr. Chacon is a plastic surgeon who works in the San Diego area.

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He has been accused of second-degree murder. Dr. Chacon also faces multiple legal cases from patients who claim he made errors during their surgeries. Here are the important details about the lawsuits against Divino Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Chacon Has Pleaded Not Guilty to Crime Charges

When Dr. Chacon was accused of causing Megan Espinoza’s death, he said he didn’t do it in April 2023. Sadly, Megan died a few days after having a heart attack following breast implant surgery.

At first, Dr. Chacon was charged with accidental killing when Espinoza died. According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, the charge was changed to second-degree murder after they found out Dr. Chacon didn’t call 911 for three hours. He even cared for other possible patients while Espinoza was in much pain.

Gina Darvas, a deputy district attorney from San Diego County, said Dr. Chacon stopped others at Divino Plastic Surgery from calling for help during an emergency. After Dr. Chacon’s court appearance on April 10, Darvas told reporters on KGTV, “The defendant kept doing what he was doing and stopped others from calling 911. Then, Ms. Espinoza was left without help for three hours before they finally called emergency services.”

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Prosecutors added the second-degree charge because they believed Dr Chacon didn’t care about Megan’s life.

Divino Plastic Surgery Lawsuit Nurse Charged

Heather Lang Vass, a registered nurse who assisted Dr Chacon during the treatment and is also accused of Espinoza’s death, has been named as well. In May 2023, she was charged with unintentionally causing someone’s death.

According to a report from the Medical Board of California (MBA) from 2022, as cited by KGTV, a nurse administered anaesthesia to Espinoza instead of a licensed anesthesiologist. Espinoza’s heart stopped beating after the two-hour surgery. Instead of immediately calling 911, Dr. Chacon consulted with two anesthesiologists. One of them advised him to “call 911 right away,” according to the report.

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It was reported that Dr. Chacon did not seek help in an emergency for three hours, which was unfortunate. When Espinoza reached the hospital, she was declared brain dead right away. She passed away five days later.

Civil lawsuits have been filed against Divino Plastic Surgery.

Espinoza’s family sued Dr. Chacon and Divino Plastic Surgery in a civil court. They settled the case in December 2022 for an undisclosed amount of money, as reported by KGTV.

Another former patient of Dr. Chacon, Natassia Louis, filed a lawsuit alleging that the doctor messed up her surgery, leaving her with a hole in her stomach. Louis initially visited Divino Plastic Surgery for a butt lift but said Dr Chacon convinced her to have a “full mommy makeover,” including a breast lift and using fat from her stomach for her butt, as she told NBC 7 in San Diego. Shortly after her surgery on April 6, 2021, Louis reportedly developed a hole in her stomach. Although Dr. Chacon agreed to fix it, someone from his office warned Louis to research the doctor online before agreeing to more procedures, according to NBC 7.

Louis expressed her concerns, saying, “He shouldn’t be in business right now. No one stopped him when things started happening. No one stopped him, and he continues to be in business and hurt people, and it could have been stopped.”

If you underwent any procedures at Divino Plastic Surgery that worry you, seeking advice from a lawyer might be a good idea.

Final Words

Additionally, Heather Lang Vass, a registered nurse, is implicated in Espinoza’s death. Espinoza’s family has taken legal action against Divino Plastic Surgery and Chacon. Natassia Louis, another patient, expressed dissatisfaction with Chacon’s “full mommy makeover” and criticized the doctor’s lack of action.

In summary, Dr. Chacon and Divino Plastic Surgery face serious legal repercussions due to Espinoza’s death and other patient complaints.


Q: Who is Dr. Carlos Chacon? 

A: Dr. Carlos Chacon is a plastic surgeon who has been charged with second-degree murder in connection with the death of one of his patients, Megan Espinoza.

Q: What are the charges against Dr. Chacon? 

A: Dr Chacon has been charged with second-degree murder after Megan Espinoza died following a surgical procedure.

Q: Why were the charges against Dr. Chacon raised to second-degree murder? 

A: The charges were raised to second-degree murder due to allegations that Dr Chacon failed to call 911 for three hours while Espinoza was in pain and even attended to other patients during this time.

Q: Who else is implicated in Espinoza’s death? 

A: Heather Lang Vass, a registered nurse who assisted Dr. Chacon during the treatment, has also been charged in connection with Espinoza’s death.

Q: What legal action has been taken against Divino Plastic Surgery lawsuit and Dr. Chacon? 

A: Espinoza’s family has brought legal action against Divino Plastic Surgery and Dr. Chacon.

Q: What complaint did another patient, Natassia Louis, have about Dr. Chacon? 

A: Natassia Louis complained about Dr. Chacon’s “full mommy makeover” procedure and criticized the doctor for not taking action.

Q: What consequences do Dr. Chacon and Divino Plastic Surgery face from these allegations? 

A: Dr. Chacon and Divino Plastic Surgery face serious legal repercussions, including charges and potential lawsuits, due to allegations of negligence and misconduct resulting in patient harm.

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