Danny Jones Penniman

Danny Jones Penniman Age, Bio, Career, Family And Net Worth

Danny Jones Penniman was born in 1959. His exact birthday remains a mystery. At just one-year-old, he was adopted by none other than Little Richard, the legendary father of rock and roll.

Growing up in such a musical household, it’s no wonder Danny found his passion for music early on. He’s always been grateful for the influence of his foster parents, embracing their legacy and carrying it forward with his successful career.

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As Danny approaches his 65th birthday in 2024, we may not know his zodiac sign, but we can celebrate his accomplishments. From his rap composition to his skills as a musician, Danny’s journey is one to watch. Stay tuned as we explore his age, career milestones, net worth, height, and more.

Who is Danny Jones Penniman?

In the American music scene, little Richard’s son, Danny Jones Penniman, stands out as a unique and skilled artist far from the shadow of his famous adoptive father, Little Richard. Danny has received skills and a solid dedication to his work, as shown by his rapping, singing, and playing music careers.

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He has worked hard to make a name that stands out for being unique and making a difference in the music business. He is best known as the adopted son of the rock and roll pioneer. His artistic journey is a unique mix of influences primarily shaped by the creative and active setting he grew up in.

Specifically, Danny’s rap music has a unique voice and point of view, showing that he can find a way to honor his roots while firmly establishing himself as an artist.

Danny Jones Penniman Bio, Age & Body Measurements

NameDanny Jones Penniman
Birth Year1959
Age65 years old (as of 2024)
ProfessionAmerican rapper, songwriter, and musician
AdoptionAdopted by Richard Wayne Penniman, popularly known as Little Richard
Musical LegacyInherited a passion for music from his father, Little Richard
Zodiac SignUnknown
PrideProud of his foster parents and deeply appreciates their impact on his life
CareerPursued a successful career in the music industry
Net WorthBetween $3 million to $5 million
Height5 Feet and 9 Inches
Weight64 Kg
Hair ColorCurly Brown
Eye ColorLight Brown

Danny Jones Penniman Early Life

Danny Jones Penniman was born in the United States in 1959, but the exact date of his birth is unknown. More information about his early life and upbringing needs to be available. Sources need to provide details about his birthday celebrations or his zodiac sign.

At 63 years old, Danny’s childhood and early years remain a mystery to the public. He hasn’t shared much about his parents, birthplace, or family. Some reports suggest that both his biological parents passed away when he was young, leaving him orphaned. Little Richard, a music icon, adopted him when he was just one year old, becoming his foster parent. Despite his foster parents’ divorce, Danny is proud of them both. His mother leads a private life away from the spotlight.

Danny Jones Penniman Qualification

Danny Jones Penniman’s educational background is shrouded in mystery. It’s reported that he finished his schooling at a local high school, although the specific name of the school has yet to be discovered to the public.

During his time in school and college, Danny was passionate about sports, particularly football. However, details about his college and higher education institution are scarce. We need to find out where he pursued his further studies.

Danny Jones Penniman Parents

Danny Jones Penniman’s parents, Little Richard and Ernestine Harvin, met in October 1957 and married on July 12, 1959. Little Richard, whose real name was Richard Wayne Penniman, was a legendary American rapper, singer, songwriter, and musician with seven decades of career. Some of his famous hits include “Long Tall Sally” in 1956, and he’s widely celebrated for his dynamic performances in the 1950s.

Known by titles like “the innovator,” “the originator,” and “the architect of Rock and Roll,” Little Richard was a pivotal figure in music culture, influencing both music and folklore. He was renowned for his skills as a piano player and his distinctive raspy voice.

Sadly, Little Richard passed away on May 9, 2020. Danny Jones confirmed the news of his death on social media. According to Richard’s brother, Alen, he died of cancer at the age of 87.

As for Danny’s mother, Ernestine Harvin, she prefers to keep her life private. Little Richard and Ernestine divorced just two years after their marriage, and Little Richard took on the responsibility of raising Danny Jones Penniman.

MotherErnestine Harvin
FatherLittle Richard
Marital StatusN/A

Danny Jones Penniman Wife

Danny Jones Penniman wants to keep his life private. Danny Jones Penniman has chosen to keep his marital status private. This reflects his overall approach to handling personal matters: he prioritizes his music and creative projects over discussing private aspects of his life.

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If he is married, details about his wife will remain undisclosed, aligning with Danny’s preference to keep his personal life separate from his professional endeavors. This level of discretion is consistent with his usual behavior, where he emphasizes his art rather than the specifics of his relationships.


Like many musicians, rappers, and songwriters, Danny Jones Penniman has become well-known in the music industry. His journey reflects his determination to succeed while acknowledging the significant influence of his adoptive father, Little Richard.

Danny’s rap skills highlight his distinctive approach to writing lyrics and experimenting with different musical styles, setting him apart from others in the field. Despite having a large body of work, he maintains his artistic style, contributing to the genre genuinely and uniquely.

His music pays tribute to his roots while also pushing artistic boundaries, earning him recognition as a prominent artist in his own right. Through his contributions to the music scene, Danny demonstrates his commitment to staying true to himself despite coming from a family of musicians.

Danny Jones Penniman’s Net Worth

The exact amount of Danny Jones Penniman’s net worth remains unknown. Still, it’s evident that his career in music, including roles as a rapper, songwriter, and musician, has positioned him for financial success.

His efforts to establish himself in the music industry, distinct from the renowned legacy of his adoptive father, Little Richard, suggest a journey filled with creative fulfillment and the opportunity to earn money. He keeps his details about his income and assets private.

Danny’s contributions to the rap and music scenes indicate a solid foundation of respect within the industry and financial stability. Maintaining privacy around his personal and financial affairs keeps the focus on his art. His net worth remains more of a mystery than common knowledge.

Before Fame

In his early years, Danny Jones Penniman soaked up music, looking up to the legendary singer Little Richard as a role model. These formative years, away from the public eye, were crucial for shaping his aspirations and honing his skills.

Surrounded by the early rhythms and innovative rock and roll ideas, Danny absorbed valuable lessons from one of the genre’s most influential figures. Growing up in the shadow of a music legend gave him a distinctive perspective and a strong foundation for his future in the music industry.

This unique upbringing fueled his exploration of personal identity and vocal expression, guiding his artistic journey.

Danny Jones Penniman’s Hobbies

Music Exploration and Creation: Danny enjoys experimenting with various sounds, words, instruments, and production techniques to diversify his music beyond rap and rock and roll.

Collecting Vinyl Records: He has a vast collection of vinyl records spanning different decades and musical styles, appreciating their nostalgic feel and superior sound quality.

Music History: Danny is interested in how music from various artists and groups shapes culture and society. He enjoys reading books and watching documentaries on music history.

Attending Music Festivals: Whether as a performer or a fan, Danny frequents music festivals nationwide. He finds inspiration, discovers new artists, and enjoys live music at these events.

Danny Jones Penniman’s Favorite Things

  1. Music Preferences: Danny enjoys a variety of music genres, but he particularly loves old-school soul and funk. These genres hold a special place in his heart as they connect him to his family’s rich musical heritage and the broader African American community.
  2. Musical Influences: Danny draws inspiration from iconic artists like Prince, Parliament-Funkadelic, OutKast, and his foster father, Little Richard. He admires their creativity and unique sound, often incorporating their ideas into his own music.
  3. Favorite Movies: Danny’s top movie picks, such as “Purple Rain” and “Cadillac Records,” blend music with compelling storytelling. These films entertain him and provide insights into how music shapes society and identity.
  4. Culinary Preferences: Danny loves soul food because it’s part of his family’s culture and traditions. His favorite dishes include fried chicken, collard greens, and sweet potato pie, evoking feelings of comfort and nostalgia.
  5. Leisure Activities: When he’s not creating music, Danny relishes spending time outdoors. He finds solace in activities like hiking and beach outings, allowing him to unwind and clear his mind away from the bustling music scene.

Social Media Accounts

FacebookDanny Jones Penniman
YouTubeDanny Jones Penniman


What does Danny Jones Penniman do?

Danny Jones Penniman is a talented and distinct artist in the American music scene, showcasing his unique skills and creativity apart from the legacy of his famous adoptive father, Little Richard.

Who is Danny Jones Penniman’s mother?

Little Richard’s mother, Ernestine Harvin, preferred to keep her personal life private. After divorcing Little Richard’s father just a few years into their marriage, Little Richard took on the responsibility of raising his brother, Danny Jones Penniman.


Danny Jones Penniman makes his life and work like a beautiful tapestry, mixing his special music background and creative projects.

Growing up under Little Richard’s influence, Danny became an artist in his own right, upholding a rich musical tradition. Danny’s journey: self-expression, honoring family’s musical heritage, and American music devotion.

Through rapping, writing songs, and playing music, Danny has found his place in the ever-changing story of music. Danny sets a fine example in navigating legacy and identity by honoring the past and staying authentic.

Danny Jones Penniman inspires through dedication to art, respect for tradition, and openness to new ideas. He embodies the spirit of resilience and creativity that defines the best of American music tradition.

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