Call of Duty MW3 Receives First Season 3 Update!

In the gaming world, Call of Duty Modern Warfare III takes the lead with its newest Season 3 update. Activision’s unveiling brings impactful balance tweaks, bug fixes, and enhancements, elevating player experience. This article offers a comprehensive exploration of these changes.

Season 3 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III made its debut recently, introducing a wealth of new content for COD Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone players. Approximately a week after this launch, Activision is rolling out a fresh patch that brings fundamental balance adjustments to the game.

The key focus of this latest update is a comprehensive overhaul of the game’s multiplayer component. It addresses not only large-scale bug fixes but also introduces minor rectifications targeted at specific maps, progression systems, and killstreaks. The highlight of this update is undoubtedly the gameplay balance tweaks, with Activision modifying the damage, range, and attachments for several weapons.

For a complete breakdown of the changes introduced in this Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 update, refer to the detailed patch notes provided below.

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Enhanced Patch Notes for COD MW3 Update


  • Fixed a crash that could potentially occur while browsing Weapon Attachments.


  • Fixed various issues related to Quick Equipping Weapon Charms in the Store.
  • Adjusted the display names of the Season 3 Prestige Emblems to correct versions.


  • Resolved an issue that led to the Latency telemetry widget persistently showing N/A. Multiplayer Improvements: User Interface Experience
  • Bug Fixes
    • Now, Armory Unlock Challenges will celebrate completion with a splash display.
    • Fixed an issue where Operators appeared to have two Riot Shields equipped in the Lobby.
    • The Gunsmith will now properly reflect the removal of specific Conversion Kits.
    • The Weekly Challenge countdown timer will no longer show an invalid time as the Midseason update draws near.
    • Adjusted the positioning of the FJX Horus in the Gunsmith to its correct place.
    • Calling Card and Emblem rewards earned from Weapon Mastery completion will now display correctly in the After-Action Report.
    • Rectified an issue where removing a Weapon Sticker in the Gunsmith caused the placement indicators to vanish.
    • Updated Pros/Cons labels for multiple Attachments to more accurately represent their true characteristics.

The COD update improves game play and progression, adjust maps, weapons and perks. In terms of gameplay, it better manages spawn locations during active Killstreaks. For progression, it fixes the Ripper Light Stock for the FJX Horus and enhances tracking for one-shot kills for the MORS Camo.

Changes to maps include additional spawn points in Shipment for better quality selection in various modes, and modifications to Tanked to hide enemy nameplates through tunnel walls.

Weapon adjustments include range enhancements for the SVA 545 assault rifle and removal of certain incompatible attachments for the FJX Horus submachine gun, TAQ Evolvere light machine gun, and MORS sniper rifle.

Lastly, the Call of Duty update also modifies perks such as the Ninja Vest and Compression Carrier, offering new benefits for players.

Equipment Updates

  • EMD Grenade (Tactical)
    • The tracker removal keybind has been changed to the Interact key on keyboard input devices for improved usability.
    • Prioritization has been enhanced when multiple actions are available for the tracker removal keybind.
    • The tracker removal time is now accurately reflected in the HUD progress bar.
  • Scatter Mine (Tactical)
    • The application of enemy stun effects has been corrected in Hardcore Modes.
  • C4 (Lethal)
    • To ensure proper use, detonation can now only occur once the C4 has been stuck to a surface for 500ms.

Killstreak Modifications

  • Guardian-SC
    • Players can now fire their weapon after ledge hanging with the Guardian-SC equipped.
  • Remote Turret

Players can now fire their weapon even if they attempted to deploy the turret while swimming.

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The inaugural update of Season 3 for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3presents a host of novel changes, enhancements, and bug rectifications for players to delve into. The update, with its focus on key balance adjustments to weapons, minor map fixes, and progression system improvements, underscores Activision’s dedication to augmenting the player experience. As the player base adapts to these modifications, the evolving dynamics of the game will be intriguing to witness. Stay connected for more exciting updates and game on!

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