As we all know, bamboo flooring has a global reputation for its excellent durability, strong load-bearing capacity and easy maintenance, however, it is crucial to know how to properly care for your bamboo flooring to keep it fresh and naturally elegant at all times!

The first step is to clean your bamboo floor regularly!

Bamboo flooring is highly susceptible to dirt, dust and grit buildup. If these impurities remain on the surface of bamboo flooring, coupled with the unconscious stepping on it in people’s daily life, it may cause scratches, dents and even damage the surface and decorative surface of bamboo flooring. Therefore, in order to prevent the accumulation of all kinds of dirt, we strongly recommend that you deep clean your floor regularly. The best strategy on how to keep your floor clean.

– Sweep your bamboo floors thoroughly with a soft brush or broom daily (or more frequently as needed).

– Perform a full cleaning at least once a week (or moderately more often if necessary), using a wood floor cleaner with a neutral pH value. Bona’s Spray Mop for Wooden Floors is your first choice, as it leaves no residue behind, has a swivel head for reaching hard-to-reach corners and a removable, washable microfiber pad that can be replaced at any time with Bona’s 4-liter Wood Floor Cleaner Refill.

– Of course, you can also clean your bamboo floor with water and a mop, but make sure the mop is well wrung out to avoid excess moisture penetrating the bamboo floor, which can cause warping and swelling.

– Never use a steam mop to clean your bamboo floor, as the high temperature and steam pressure may cause irreversible damage to the floor.

– Once you find any spills or stains, be sure to wipe them up with an absorbent cloth to prevent the liquid from penetrating into the interior of the bamboo floor.

– Try to avoid products that may leave a sticky residue on your bamboo floor, such as grease, waxes or furniture polish, etc. Likewise, avoid cleaning products with abrasive ingredients and high pH levels, as they can both cause damage to your floor.

Preventing damage to your bamboo floor starts with the details!

In addition to regular cleaning, taking steps to prevent damage to your floors is also important to keep them looking new.

– Place doormats at all entrance doorways to effectively intercept all kinds of debris, dirt and moist air from the outside.

– Remind family members and guests to remove their outdoor shoes before entering the house. It’s a good idea to keep shoes out of direct contact with your bamboo flooring and instead store them in the foyer, garage or other suitable storage space.

– To protect the floor from unwanted erosion and scratches, it is recommended that wool felt furniture protection pads be placed under all furniture and large items.

– It is strongly recommended that you avoid dragging or moving heavy or sharp objects on the bamboo floor to avoid scratches and pits. Special attention should be paid to holding and placing the bamboo floor gently.

Renovate your bamboo flooring in due time to revitalize its former glory!

After years of use, your bamboo floor may have lost its former luster and flavor. In order to bring back its color and make it more durable, we recommend that you sand it down and refinish it with a wood floor finish. During this process, it is recommended that you seek the services of a flooring repair professional who not only has extensive knowledge of bamboo flooring, but also can provide the best quality service.

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